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Disco Anti Food Waste Day

16 octobre 2013 • 01:00 - 17 octobre 2013 • 01:00

Disco Soups of the World Unite on World Food Day !

The global movement against food waste is growing around the world, with Disco Soup events spontaneously popping across Europe, in the US, and even Korea ! We’ve brought all those happening on World Food Day together to showcase the breathtaking energy of the movement against food waste.

We Peel Good !

People around the world armed with chopping boards, peelers, pots, pans and disco beats are showing that wasting food is no longer acceptable and that the best thing to do with food that would otherwise have gone to waste is to eat it.

DAMn Food Waste, Disco Soupe, Feeding the 5000, Slow Food Youth Network and Youth Food Movement Nederland are all organising Disco Soups celebrating the solutions to food waste and highlighting the scandal that over a third of the world’s food is thrown away. All the food served at the events is based on fresh fruit and vegetables that would otherwise have been wasted, sourced from local farms and markets. People come together to peel, cut and prepare the surplus fruits and vegetables… to music ! We create soups and salads out of the produce and redistribute them for free.

Yes We Cut !

What’s happening on October 16th :


Brussels : Feeding the 5000 and Disco Soupe are collaborating on the launch of the Feeding the 5000 Brussels event and campaign. There will be a Disco Soup, followed by a screening of Global Waste (Global Gachis) as part of the Green Up Film Festival and a meeting for individuals and organisations interested in getting involved in planning a Feeding the 5000 Brussels event in Spring 2014 : Launch of Feeding the 5000 Brussels campaign


Screening of Global Gachis : http :// ?vid=extrait

Montreal- ‘Save the Tomato’ event in Quartier des Spectacles where chefs Normand Laprise and Charles- Antoine Crête will show how it is possible to use all parts of the tomato , heart to tail, without waste : http ://

The Czech Republic

Prague : Oct 14-15, screenings of Food Savers, Valentin Thurn’s new film about the pioneering food savers across Europe. Part of the Alimenterre Film Festival http ://


Lyon Disco Soupe : https ://
Paris Disco Soupe : https ://
Taste the Waste screening and Disco Soupe ; http ://
Lille Disco Soupe : https ://
Bordeaux Disco Soupe :
https ://


Berlin : Slow Food Youth Eat In made from surplus food (members only)
Dusseldorf : Slow Food Youth Düsseldorf are organising an Eat In https ://
Karlsruhe : OuiShare social with Valentin Thurn speaking about Food Sharing https ://


Skopje : the Slow Food Youth Network in Macedonia organizes an Eat In with to be wasted food in the city square : https ://


Taste the Waste cinema release : https ://


Luxembourg : SOS Faim launch an action against food waste, where Wam Kat will cook a delicious lunch made from surplus food and serve it to the public at noon next to the main train station.
http ://

The Netherlands

Eindhoven Café Discosoup : https ://
Groningen Disco Soep : https ://
The Hague Disco Soep : https ://
Rotterdam Disco Soep World Record Attempt : https ://
Utrecht Pumpkin Paradise : https ://


Gothenburg : Food Rescue Project and Slow Food Gothenburg are organising a Food Rescue Party https ://


On the 18th of October a Disco Soupa will be held in a place called Lemos-Prespa in Greece to celebrate World Food Day : https ://


On the 15th of October there will be a debate in Parliament about using food waste for pig feed as part of the Pig Idea campaign http ://
To find out more about the campaign go to http ://

Pear Gleaning in Kent : On the 19th of October Gleaning Network UK will be organising a pear gleaning day on a farm near Canterbury where volunteers will rescue over two tonnes of pears that would otherwise have been wasted. It will then be donated to food redistribution charities such as FareShare

London- Food For All will be feeding 1000 Londoners on food that would otherwise have been wasted, as they do everyday (in addition to cooking at many Feeding the 5000 events). Locations include SOAS and LSE. Full details here- http ://

Brighton- Disco Dancing Dry Goods Social : Brighton’s Food Waste Collective and University of Brighton’s Food Co-op will host a disco-propelled dry goods repackaging social event. The organisers receive occasional pallets of amazingly delicious surplus dry goods that come in massive sacks, so they repack and then redistribute these lovely dry goods to various charities around the city : https ://

Blackburn- Chutney for Change will be handing out samples of their handmade chutney at Blackburn College, which has been made from gleaned fruit & vegetables from local suppliers and distributors and which otherwise would be classed as ‘food surplus’, i.e. bruised apples, over-ripe pears. They will also be handing out gleaned fruit to students on campus and engaging them to consider the concept of food surplus and where their food is sourced from.

If you know of any events that we have not yet included, please email

Sign the Food Waste Pledge : http ://


Thank you to Floriane La Roux for designing the beautiful banner !
http ://


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16 octobre 2013 • 01:00
Fin :
17 octobre 2013 • 01:00
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